VLS iRacing League is a privately hosted league for VctryLnSprts Discord members


  • Victor Lane
  • Wayne Hufford

General Info

  • NASCAR league featuring the ARCA, Truck, Gen4, XFinity, ’87 Legends, and NextGen vehicles
  • Drivers must have a D-Class oval license from iRacing to be admitted to the league
  • Applicants are accepted to the league by admins and subject to a 5-race probation period
  • Participants are required to join the VctryLnSprts Discord server
  • Admins reserve the right to make rule changes as necessary for the betterment of the league at any point
  • Clean race craft is the expectation (accidents do happen)
  • Respect of fellow competitors on track and in Discord
  • A driver can be removed from the league for actions unbecoming at any time
  • Vehicle numbers are assigned by request based on availability on the active league roster
    – A vehicle number will be released back into the pool if a driver does not compete in at least one race per season
  • Drivers may run any paint scheme so long as it is not deemed offensive by admins or identical to another vehicle

24-Week Balanced Season

  • No minimum race requirement to participate in the league
  • Balanced 4-race segments for each vehicle type
  • Championship determined by the highest driver in the points standings through 24 races

Race Settings

  • Fixed setups
  • 100% fuel load
  • Unlimited tires
  • No driver assists (clutch only)
  • No fast repairs
  • 12x maximum (unlimited on road courses)
  • Rolling starts
  • Full course yellows (local on-road), lucky dog rule, and wave-arounds in effect
  • Black flags not cleared by admin for any reason
  • There will be one attempt at a green/white/checkered finish if a caution comes out at the end of the race

Race Lengths

  • Distance per vehicle type intended to provide 70-90 minutes of racing

Custom Point System

  • 1 – 55
  • 2 – 50
  • 3 – 47
  • 4 – 46
  • 5 – 45
  • 6 – 44
  • 7 – 43
  • 8 – 42
  • 9 – 41
  • 10 – 40
  • 11 – 39
  • 12 – 38
  • 13 – 37
  • 14 – 36
  • 15 – 35
  • 16+ – 30

Bonus/Penalty Points per Event

  • Pole = 1pt
  • Lap led = 1pt
  • Most laps led = 1pt
  • Fastest lap = 1pt
  • 0x finish = 5pts (must complete 75% of the race)
  • Incidents – 1 point loss for every 2x (DQ at 12 incidents)

League Sessions

  • Race session available starting at 8:30pm ET on Fridays
  • 55-minute practice
  • 5-minute drivers’ meeting
  • 5-minute (2-lap) qualifying (10-minute for superspeedway/road)
  • Green flag drops at 9:40pm ET (9:45pm for superspeedway/road)
  • Race results and season points updated weekly and available on SimRacerHub.com

Race Procedures

  • All drivers must enter the race session prior to 9:20pm ET and attend the Drivers’ Meeting in Discord to race the event
  • Drivers must be in the VctryLnSprts Discord “Race Comms” channel during the race for on-track communication
  • Racers with an EOL penalty from a previous event may qualify for pit stall prior to EOL at grid
  • All races are reviewed by admin privately after the event for on-track conduct
  • Post-race penalties may be assessed based on the safety guidelines below

Start/Restart Rules

  • All starts/restarts are double-file back, with pole sitter or leader getting lane choice
  • All other drivers follow iRacing grid rules
  • The leader dictates the start of the racing by going on GREEN
  • All other cars go on green, only when safe to do so based on the car in front of them (Xs are not cleared for rear-ending the car in front on a start/restart)
  • Every race is started in 2nd gear, with cars tightened up on the pace lap
  • Maintain a steady pace speed, no on & off the throttle
  • There is NO laying back or changing lanes before the start/finish line
  • Respect and safety are expected heading into turn one on every start/restart

Safety Guidelines

  • A driver that makes contact, spins, or impedes the forward momentum of another vehicle while attempting to pass or prevent a pass by getting into the bumper, rear quarter or door must call a Self-Policing Penalty (SPP) on himself within the following scenarios:
    – If no caution was thrown, the driver must call an SPP on himself and do a green flag pass through within 2 laps
    – If a caution was thrown, the driver must call an SPP on himself and go into the pits to serve an End of the Line (EOL) penalty
    – If no damage, incident points, or considerable loss off-track position(s) is caused the offender can relinquish the position and allow the other driver to re-establish his race line (give the spot back)
  • Serving an EOL can be done by speeding going into the pits (iRacing gives a black flag), or pit normally and wait in the pit stall until the field goes by so the offender is at the end of the line
  • An SPP is considered served if the offending driver is forced to pit for damage as well or is black flagged for any reason that results in at least one lap lost to the field
  • Drivers deemed in post-race review not to have imposed an SPP on themselves appropriately will be penalized with an EOL to start the next event
  • Frequent abusers of not imposing an SPP during an event will be subject to a heavier penalty than EOL, such as No Grid probation, or one race suspension

Penalty System

  • All race review penalties will continue to carry over until the penalty has been served

**- Level 1 Penalties**

  • No additional penalty – X’s given by iRacing and subsequent loss of bonus points is the punishment

**- Level 2 Penalties**

  • Driver causes damage to or collects other vehicles
  • Issued for accidents that are deemed incidental, not aggressive in nature
  • Penalty: EOL – Driver must start the next race at the end of the line


  • L2A – Failure to maintain pace speed or close the gap during pace laps, resulting in an incident
  • L2B – Changing lanes before start/finish line on starts/restarts (can include other violations of start/restart rules)
  • L2C – Failure to start in 2nd gear  (can include other violations of start/restart rules)


  • L2D – Failure to maintain racing line resulting in an accident with another driver (i.e. getting loose exiting a turn, drifting into another driver’s lane, etc)
  • L2E – Failure to accurately judge completion of a pass resulting in contact (i.e. driver attempts to pass low in a corner and moves up too early on exit resulting in contact with the other vehicle, etc)
  • L2F – Misjudging a breaking zone causing contact with the car in front (i.e. driver crushes the rear bumper of the vehicle in front by braking way too late, etc)
  • L2G – Bump-drafting at any track that results in spinning the vehicle ahead
  • L2H – Overly aggressive driving, action deemed poor racecraft by admins


  • L2I – Failure to follow announced rules, entering or exiting pits incorrectly (i.e. pitting from top line, using access roads, failing a hot pit, etc)
  • L2J – Failure to drive down the right side of pit lane
  • L2K – Driving through 4 or more stalls before entering pit stall (i.e. ghosting too many pit stalls)
  • L2L – Not driving your car to the pits after a race or before disconnecting (i.e. parking your car on the track, clogging the apron, etc)

*Under Caution*

  • L2M – Failure to call for a tow when severely damaged and/or catching up to the field in a timely manner, causing black flags or disruption to other drivers

**- Level 3 Penalties**

  • Issued for accidents that are deemed aggressive or reckless driving in nature
  • Penalty: EOL with a GFPT – Driver must start the next race at the end of the line and then do a green flag pass through without stopping in his pit within the first 3 laps of the race to serve the penalty


  • L3A – Excessive name calling, berating another driver, or aggressive chatting on any race channel when incident occurs or dragging it on afterwards


  • L3B – Aggressive restart and/or causing checkup behind, including any violation of start/restart rules deemed aggressive (i.e. throttling before the driver ahead does, causing damage to his vehicle, etc)


  • L3C – Two or more L2 penalties in a single race
  • L3D – Failure to get out of the throttle for an accident ahead or when the caution flag is displayed
  • L3E – Getting into the bumper or side of the car ahead (i.e. dive-bombing a corner, etc)
  • L3F – Overly aggressive driving resulting in failure to hold line, sliding up into another vehicle, and causing a wreck
  • L3G – Overly aggressive driving resulting in spinning another driver (i.e. multiple bumps on a straightaway, causing driver ahead to lose control)
  • L3H – Overly aggressive blocking in the turns, either on entry or exit, resulting in disruption of driver’s race lines
  • L3I – Overly aggressive move or last-second attempt to block a passing vehicle resulting in an accident
  • L3J – Bump-drafting in the turns on any track, resulting in a wreck
  • L3K – Bump-and-run passing or “slide-jobs” that cause an accident (i.e. the passing driver will be deemed at fault for all examples of these passes)
  • L3L – Driving back into the racing line after spinning or wrecking without a caution (i.e. driver goes into the grass but saves the car but re-enters the track unsafely and hits other cars; includes turning around on a road course after a spin, etc)
  • L3M – Driving below the yellow/white line in an attempt to shorten the track or make a pass (all tracks are different and this rule can be waived during the drivers’ meeting)
  • L3N – Re-entering the track in the racing line in a way that impedes the faster vehicles (i.e. drivers are required to check their relative box to ensure safe track entry)
  • L3O – Failure to hold break during or after an accident resulting in damage to another vehicle
  • L3P – Two or more penalties in a single race where one of them is an L3 (a 1-lap black flag will be added to the start of the race)
  • L3Q – A pattern of overly aggressive driving throughout the entire race
  • L3R – Failure to yield to lead-lap vehicles by staying in their intended racing groove, holding them up, interfering with their battle for position (does not apply if lapped vehicles are closely battling for finish position with under 10 laps to go)


  • L3S – Failure to drive down the right side of pit lane resulting in damage to another vehicle
  • L3T – Aggressive or last second pit entrance causing damage to other vehicles
  • L3U – Improper pit road exit, moving up into the racing line resulting in an accident (i.e. driver does not follow middle of the backstretch rule, unsafely enters the racing action)
  • L3V – Entering the pit road improperly resulting in an accident (i.e. a more severe penalty than L2I)
  • L3W – Failure to call out your intention to pit causing an incident or getting into a driver that has called out his intention to pit

Special Thanks

  • John Hastings – YouTube video production
  • Old Bastards Racing League

VLS iRacing Schedule

NextGen Series

1/5 – Atlanta Superspeedway (120L)1/12- Richmond Int’l Raceway (130L)1/19- Dover Speedway (120L)1/26- Indianapolis Motor Speedway (80L)

ARCA Series

2/2- Michigan Int’l Speedway (80L)2/9- Iowa Speedway (130L)2/16- Watkins Glen Int’l (25L)2/23- Chicagoland Speedway (120L)

’87 Classic Series

3/1 – Classic Daytona (80L)3/8 – Rockingham Speedway (120L)3/15 – North Wilksboro (150L)3/22 – Atlanta Motor Speedway 2008 (120L)

Truck Series

3/29- Daytona Int’l Speedway (80L)4/5- Martinsville Speedway (150L)4/12- Charlotte Roval (25L)4/19- Las Vegas Speedway (120L)

Gen4 Series

4/26- Darlington Raceway (180L)5/3- Bristol Motor Speedway (150L)5/10- Auto Club Speedway (80L)5/17- Homestead Miami Speedway (110L)

Xfinity Series

5/24- Talladega Superspeedway (80L)5/31- Phoenix Int’l Raceway (130L)6/7- Circuit of the Americas  (25L)6/14- Kansas Speedway (120L)





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